Practice Areas

Commercial and Civil Litigation

Commercial litigation, or arbitration, involves nearly every type of dispute in a business context. This includes breach of contract, disputes between partners, class actions, business torts, antitrust litigation, and patent infringement. Attorneys do not always specialize in every area of business law, which is why seeking appropriate counsel for your case is crucial. Therefore, this…קרא עוד

Commercial Debt Collection In Israel

Every business deals at some point with collection problems from clients. Our Israeli office has been providing dedicated legal services for years in the field of legal debt collection in israel and writs of execution. Our firm employs a skilled legal team with extensive experience in legal debt collection. The field of debt collection has…קרא עוד

Real Estate and Investments

Real estate law is a field that includes a variety of complex activities such as sales and acquisitions, ownership, development, financing, joint ventures, reorganization and litigation. Many tests include, inter alia, reference to land use, planning and construction, environmental protection, examination of records, liens, foreclosures, taxes and rights of parties. At this time, every real…קרא עוד

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